Total Service Provider (TSP)

Expert Systems & Web Solutions is providing end-to-end solutions to some of our customers. These solutions include concept, strategy, design, development, implementation and support.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) Offering

Expert Systems & Web Solutions provide infrastructure management and outsourcing services to customers, freeing up their resources to focus more on application management issues.


Expert Systems & Web Solutions can redesign any client/ server or legacy application into web based application so that it can be offered to the customers in Cloud Solutions mode.


Expert Systems & Web Solutions, Inc. created a dynamic organization with its headquarters in New Jersey. Strategic partnerships have been formed with hardware and software vendors. Our strong commitment to solving our customer’s problems in a cost-effective and timely fashion has fueled our growth.


In today’s competitive business environment with an ever-increasing dependence on computers and computerized solutions, business enterprises are finding a pressing need to integrate their business processes that allow them to cut costs, increase productivity and profitability, respond to customer needs, and forecast market demands. In short, companies are looking across the board for the tools that allow them to work more efficiently and with innovation. Moreover, a lack of well-trained and skilled information technology professionals has made this process expensive, time consuming and ever more daunting for enterprises/organizations. In recognition of these IT needs, Expert Web Solutions, Inc. was formed by a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals with proven background in information technology, finance, business management and engineering to provide its customers with timely and cost-effective solutions with a commitment to excellence and long-term support. 

who we are

Expert Systems & Web Solutions, Inc. is a global provider of innovative consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. We deliver solutions that leverage the process knowledge of our consultants. Our services are broad based and include business process improvement, analytical services, ERP implementations, global roll-outs, E-business solutions, upgrades, testing, as well as application management, and infrastructure support.


Expert Systems & Web Solutions manages several relationships with leading software vendors to bring project managers to the up to the minute information about new applications, databases, and tools. EXPERT WEB SOLUTIONS follows the ever changing IT market; reviews and tests new offerings; evaluates emerging technologies, and helps our team assess and select appropriate solutions. EXPERT WEB SOLUTIONS maintains a strong relationship with Tier 1 vendor relationships with companies like CSC, BearingPoint, CGS/IBM, CSG/Merrill Lynch, Comsys IT Partners, The Computer Merchant Inc., TSR Consulting, IBM Professional Services, etc.

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