AT&T/State Farm EN-4 Project

AT&T/State Farm EN-4 Project

The direction from State Farm is to implement a Win7/Citrix Deployment in addition to the building of a VOIP Solution incorporating 15,000 sites. Utilized the Citrix Consulting Methodology consisting of four clearly defined phases – Analysis, Design, Build/Test and Rollout. Followed the series of checkpoints and deliverables that ensured that no key step is missed. In addition, utilized the Desktop Transformation Model to provide specific guidance on how to move from a device centric, distributed management paradigm to a more user-centric, virtualized model. State Farm wanted to start incorporating some of the larger Agent offices into the schedule after the first 10,000 sites. The 2800 site list represents the total # of sites which have met in the first 3 months.

Extensive project management/coordination of a VOIP Solution using information requested by State Farm, after the first 10,000 sites complete, relates to circuit test and turn up activity. Daily status meeting with AT&T to process circuit orders, based on the requested daily through put requirement.

Operating Systems: Windows NT, Windows 7, 8 and 10
Software: SharePoint, MS Project 2010, MS Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Visio
Databases: MS Access: Oracle, and proprietary requisitions modules

Additional Interfaces:

Satellite Communications technologies – Highly experienced in all aspects of design, installation, test, and maintenance of satellite communications systems carrying video, voice, data and telephony.

Wireless technologies – Diverse experience in two-way paging and cellular infrastructure, Router technology, Internet protocols, transmission interface methods, and monitoring and control applications. Unified Messaging, Modular Platform, GSM, and PCS. Internet technologies, to include TCP/IP, VoIP, GUI and Client-Server interfaces.

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